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Artist:  Daniel Evans
Public Art Production:   St. Albert Centre
StArts Fest Location:  La Crema Café, 44 St. Thomas Street, St. Albert

Artist Statement:

My work explores questions of narrative and mythmaking in both historical and contemporary contexts.  With that in mind, I set out to use the city of St Albert to explore the idea of community identity, and how it relates to both the physical space of the city and individual interactions with it.

The piano features scale models of historic St Albert landmarks, including both grain elevators, the Father Lacombe Chapel, and the Little White School, situated amidst a collage-like assemblage of sculpted architecture growing organically from the piano’s surface. This project is driven by the idea that every person experiences a given urban environment in a unique and individual way, and that the identity of a community grows from layers of these individual experiences as they overlap and intersect, as stories are told and experiences shared. The work engages with the community through presenting familiar landmarks in an unfamiliar context: encouraging viewers to explore, inspiring wonder, and ultimately prompting them to contemplate what their city means to them—how stories and individual experiences contribute to a sense of community with a unique identity.

Artist Bio:

Daniel Evans is an emerging artist from Sturgeon County, working primarily in printmaking, drawing, and sculpture. He trained at Grant MacEwan (Dip.), the Alberta College of Art and Design (BFA), and the North Wales School of Art and Design (MA). Inspired by folklore, literature, and mythology, his work explores storytelling, transitional spaces and states, and the intersection of myth and urban spaces. He is an active member of the arts community, volunteering regularly at Latitude 53, SNAP, and Harcourt House.